What is custom-made wall panelling and is it right for your home?

Published: February 5th, 2021

Did you know that wall panelling dates back thousands of years and is considered a luxury item? Custom wall panelling is a labour-intensive finish that requires a well-trained hand. The tedious and expert design of panels involves building multiple components, including the baseboard, panels, caps, rails, and stiles.

When done right, wall panelling creates visual appeal and adds a touch of beauty to any home.

Purpose of wall panelling

By definition, panelling is a millwork wall covering made of wood or other materials. Historically, wall panelling was developed to make stone buildings more comfortable and insulated. Today, panelling is installed for decorative purposes. Wall panels are versatile and can enhance the look of any room.

With custom wall panels, designers can create just about any look the homeowner wishes. Panels interrupt an otherwise lifeless room and create warmth, interest, and charm. Wall panels can also give the illusion of larger walls, a lower or higher ceiling, and divide wall space in an elegant way.

Custom wall panelling
Custom wall panelling

The benefits of wall panels

If you’re looking for an option to spruce up your walls, there is little that compares to custom-made wood panels. While painting your walls or adding wallpaper and artwork is an easy and affordable way to play up a room, wood panels have many advantages that a touch of paint or decorative pieces don’t.

For example, wood is a natural insulator. Wood panels offer acoustic and thermal insulation to help keep your house warm and cozy while providing a soft ambience. Wood panels are also durable. Unlike paint or wallpaper that can scratch and chip, wood can last for years.

Why custom wall panels?

Pre-design and cut wall panels are available from your hardware store, but they don’t guarantee a seamless install or the right design for your particular space. Custom panels, on the other hand, are designed specifically for your home.

For example, with a custom kitchen renovation, suppose you need wall panels in your dining area that matches the backsplash behind the sink. Companies that offer custom wall panelling can design and build panels to your specifications and to the measurements of the area you need to cover.

Final thoughts

Panelling leaves a very small margin of error that is best left in the hands of a professional. Installing pre-built panels leaves them vulnerable to warping and rot. Custom wall panels ensure a construction that is durable and as unique as your home.