Wood and Metal Range Hoods

in Calgary's Finest Luxury Homes

We specialize in custom wood and metal range hoods. With our custom hoods you will go beyond choosing your finishing’s and attachments and instead work alongside our team to craft a customized hood for your kitchen. We will consult about the shape, the slope, the size, the finish, and any additional design options that you may have in mind. At Custom Edge Finishing we help your vision come to life.


Wooden Range Hoods

Range hoods constructed from wood materials are always either cabinet mount or wall mounted appliances that seamlessly blend into your cabinetry and/or other kitchen architecture; this exquisite design allows for the range hood to be a unified but beautiful focal point of your kitchen design.

Metal Range Hoods

Handcrafted out of the metal option of your choice, metal range hoods are a very low maintenance option that do not compromise on the beauty. Metal range hoods can offer a variety of very distinctive design options ranging from antique to modern. With stunning options like aluminum, zinc and copper, there are some exquisite selections available for metal range hood installations. Metal range hoods are highly durable and long lasting, making them an amazing investment for your kitchen.


Through consultation we will determine the shape, size and finish suitable for your kitchen, providing our expertise and guidance along the way as we collaborate to craft your ideal custom range hood.

While range hoods have always been an integral component of a fully functional kitchen, the transformation of range hoods has gone from a practically hidden appliance to a focal design factor of many high end kitchens. Range hoods are intended to capture smoke, steam, heat and air pollution produced from cooking.  The ventilation system captures these pollutants and uses a fan system to ventilate the environment. A range hood creates air flow allowing for fresh air to flow within the kitchen, vacuuming and preventing contaminates from collecting on surfaces and in the air. While high end range hoods used to be an appliance reserved for high end restaurants, they are much more widely utilized and accessed in custom home builds and renovations today. While range hoods are undeniably beautiful their functionality ultimately outweighs their beauty, making them a worthwhile purchase for any home.

Many homeowners opt for custom range hoods because they can match and pair them to the material, colour and design of their kitchen cabinetry. Range hoods are the kitchen statement piece you never knew you needed.

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