Custom Kitchens

in Calgary's Finest Luxury Homes

At Custom Edge Finishing we specialize in everything from custom cabinetry to custom range hoods, and can provide our expertise on how to enhance the size and function of your kitchen with our custom millwork. Our custom built kitchens are designed, constructed and installed to suit exactly what you and your family need.


About Custom Kitchens

As the heart of the home, the kitchen is one of the most important spaces in your house because it gets the most daily utilization. At Custom Edge Finishing we promote finding the balance between functionality, stunning designs and premium quality, within the kitchen. Our custom built kitchens are designed, constructed and installed to suit exactly what you and your family need.

Our collaborative process involves a thorough consultation period where we will discuss and consider every detail of your kitchen renovation. Through this discussion we will offer our professional advice on how to utilize the space for optimum functionality. We invest in this process because our goal is to not only meet but exceed our customers’ needs, transforming dreams, ideas and visions into reality.

Our Experience

Our team of professionals has worked in this industry, alongside highly acclaimed home builders and interior designers, for many years. We have constructed a wide variety of custom kitchens over our years in business and are recognized as an industry leader within our community. Our team specializes in crafting completely unique kitchens with the features you have always dreamt of. 

We are committed to finding balance but capturing the details with design features that are appealing and suited to the architectural qualities of your home. Our portfolio of work ranges from contemporary city center infill homes to traditional mansions. Some of the custom kitchen work we offer includes: cabinetry, islands, bars, range hoods, casing, coffered ceilings, baseboards, corbels, beams, doors and more.


Beautiful and Functional

At Custom Edge Finishing our goal and philosophy is to construct, manufacture and install custom millwork that is aesthetically appealing and purposeful, the quality of our work is undeniable and will serve you and your home for many years to come.

One Of A Kind Kitchens

Every custom kitchen project we perform at Custom Edge Finishing is handcrafted. Our work is artistic and artisanal, and completely one of a kind. We value personable and communicative relationships with our clients and are committed to ensuring that needs are not just met but exceeded when it comes to our performance.  Our expertise is unmatched and our quality is incomparable. At Custom Edge Finishing we can make your custom millwork dreams come true.


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