The cost of making vs buying kitchen cabinets: What you need to know

Published: March 11th, 2021

Generally speaking, store-bought kitchen cabinets are cheaper compared to making kitchen cabinets. However, the aesthetic appeal and the quality of custom cabinets make them an ideal choice for many homeowners who are wanting a solution specially tailored for their space. When considering the cost of making vs buying kitchen cabinets, you want to take into account what you’re investing in. In this article, we detail some of the benefits of choosing custom kitchen cabinets versus buying them.

Made to fit your specific kitchen

Store-bought cabinets vary in size and you’ll need to shop around for the right fit. Custom kitchen cabinets are measured to fit your kitchen’s dimensions, including troublesome corners and awkward angles. Specific measurements ensure a perfect fit and a seamless look.

Kitchen cabinets
Kitchen cabinets

More design options

Pre-made cabinets are manufactured in bulk with common designs. If you’re looking for a specific size, your design options may be more limited. On the other hand, hiring a designer and builder gives you more options to match the aesthetics of your home. A designer can suggest different looks that you may have not known were available or possible to do. From modern to retro, luxurious to simple, you have endless options to choose from. Additionally, you can match the hardware to other details in your house for a cohesive look.

Better quality

When you choose custom kitchen cabinets over store-bought versions, you have a choice in the material used. Some pre-made cabinets are made from laminated particleboard, which is more prone to wear and tear. Custom cabinets, on the other hand, are made of high-quality material that looks and feels sturdy. They’re designed to last a lifetime and can handle constant daily use.

Guaranteed installation

Although buying kitchen cabinets may be more affordable and quick, consider the installation process. You’ll need the right tools, skills, and time out of your schedule to install pre-made kitchen cabinets. With custom cabinets, a professional can complete the installation in less time. Most companies bundle the cost of construction and installation into one invoice and the service often comes with a warranty or some type of guarantee to ensure that the job is done correctly.

Increases your home’s value

There is something attractive and attention-grabbing about custom millwork done inside a home. Whether it’s kitchen cabinets, wall panelling, or a range hood, custom designs are unique and present a sturdy, beautiful look to any space. Should you ever plan to sell your house in the future, making kitchen cabinets vs buying them will likely increase your home’s value and make it more attractive to potential buyers. With this in mind, investing in custom millwork pays off in aesthetics, quality, and value.