Scott Robertson

Shop Guy

I am one of the shop guys for Custom Edge.

In the shop we work on all the boxes, drawers and custom elements of millwork that are pre-finished. I have been working in this industry and other tangental fields for six years. I starting learning about a variety of aspects of carpentry while working for a custom renovations company. Following this, I used these skills in conjunction with my  arts background working to create eye catching displays in a retail environment. Naturally seeking to further develop the finesse and scope of my carpentry and woodworking skills led me to begin my apprenticeship in Cabinetmaking with Custom Edge. I am currently in my fourth and final year of my apprenticeship training program and it has been a great going through this process with  Custom Edge as my employer.

Being in a smaller custom shop I have been able to learn and develop a wide breadth of skills, and its awesome to do something new and different all the time.

In my free time I enjoy being creative and working on art projects. Currently my favourite medium to work in is clay, I am still very much a beginner but there is something I can’t get enough about sitting behind the wheel, getting dirty, and the feel of clay on my hands. Also staying active is very important to me preferably doing yoga or being outside hiking or at a lake.

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