Why is custom millwork important for home remodelling?

Published: May 7th, 2021

Custom millwork has the power to change the look and feel of your home. This, among many other reasons, is why the millwork industry as a whole is experiencing a rise in customer demand for personalized and custom projects. Homeowners enjoy the touch of luxury and incredible attention to detail that a custom millwork company can provide.

What is custom millwork?

Millwork includes any interior and exterior elements of a space that are made of wood, including but not limited to:

  • Wall trim and moulding
  • Doors and door frames
  • Cabinetry
  • Fireplaces and mantles
  • Beams
  • Kitchen hoods
  • Other decorative elements

Millwork can be large-scale or single-room renovations, depending on the services that the custom millwork company offers. If you’re planning a home remodelling project in the future, consider the following benefits that highlight the importance of custom millwork.

custom architectural millwork
custom architectural millwork

Custom millwork matches your home’s architecture

Unlike stock products, customized designs seamlessly integrate with your home’s existing architecture. Here are just three examples of what custom architectural millwork can accomplish:

  • Cabinet size and placement that fits the kitchen’s layout and floorplan
  • Fireplace and mantle to match the interior design, whether it’s modern or for a more classic look
  • Beautiful detailing on casings, trimming and beams specifically designed for the look you envision

When choosing pre-built products, you are limited to the designs, specifications, and dimensions that they are offered in. Although they may come in many styles, colours, and cost-effective materials, there’s nothing quite like custom work unique to your home.

Custom millwork for home renovation adds value

Most renovations can add property value to your home, depending on how well they’re done and if they’re received well by potential buyers. An advantage of custom millwork is that they are an attractive selling feature and are sought-after in the real estate market. This is especially true for custom work done on kitchens, as it’s the area that buyers are most interested in and base their purchase on.

Custom millwork maximizes your existing space

The benefits of millwork aren’t only limited to aesthetics and visual appeal. They are a solution for maximizing the space you have. For example:

  • Custom cabinetry added to bathrooms that lack storage space
  • A beautiful custom wine-rack integrated into an existing kitchen layout
  • A large wall in the living room turned into a floor-to-ceiling bookcase with design details
  • A bonus room turned into a home office with built-in desk space and cabinetry

With custom and personalized wood finishings, the opportunities are endless! It enhances your home remodelling experience and gives you results that you can be proud to live, work, and play in.