The top 3 things to consider before opting for a custom kitchen renovation

Published: October 20th, 2020

The kitchen is the heart of the home; for most families, it is where they spend the most time together. So, imagine having the space and convenience of being able to cook a delicious supper for your family while watching the kids complete their homework. Imagine picking out your favourite countertop finish, backsplash, cupboards, and a high tech facet, all in exactly the colours and designs you desire. Imagine having your very own custom kitchen. 

While this may merely be a future dream, it could also become a reality sooner than you think. A custom kitchen is an investment that pays off; your kitchen is utilized every day and therefore having a custom kitchen makes tasks more efficient and convenient. 

Custom kitchen renovations
Custom kitchen renovations

We’ve compiled a list of things that we believe are important to consider and remember when exploring the opportunity to begin your very own custom kitchen renovation

Your lifestyle! 

First and foremost we would encourage you to consider your lifestyle and the projects you will complete regularly in your new kitchen. Are you a baker who needs easy access to your mixer and other appliances throughout the week? Or maybe you like to entertain and need a space that can comfortably accommodate guests? In the beginning stages of pondering up ideas for your custom kitchen renovation, we promote making a list of negotiables and non-negotiables. If you know you need an island or a breakfast nook where your kids can work and you can supervise them while completing other tasks, then write it down! These are important things to consult with your interior designer or custom builder on in the initial stages of your custom kitchen renovation planning; your qualified team of professionals will be able to offer you comprehensive advice on how to accomplish these attributes in the kitchen space for optimum functionality. We love it when clients share visual inspirations and concepts with us because building the kitchen of your dreams is a collaborative process.


Yep, you knew we were going to mention it. Budgeting is so important when it comes to home renovations. We highly encourage all homeowners to come prepared with a budget in mind when they embark on their home renovation project. Additionally, having a list of “needs” vs “wants” that fit into that budget will be important for us to understand. Having a budget will allow you to be flexible and make accommodations where necessary when it comes to deciding on materials and the designs you would like to use in your renovation. 


Appliances are an important part of a functional kitchen and when you begin your custom kitchen renovation it is important to consider whether or not you will keep your existing appliances or opt for new ones; the measurements of your appliances will be a key component in your kitchen design. Our custom kitchen solutions can offer additional custom appliance covers and custom metal or wood range hoods. 

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