Simple and effective home upgrades

Published: June 14th, 2021

Looking for a way to freshen up the interior finishing of your home in Calgary without a big renovation? It might be easier than you think! There are a few simple and effective ways you can upgrade your space that will make a big impact. First, we recommend walking through your home and jotting down the ideas you have for the room.

Are there are any sore spots that you want to tackle as soon as possible? Is there an area that can be more functional? What type of aesthetic are you going for? These are some great questions to get you started along with our recommendations below.

Refresh your home with paint

Many homeowners start with refreshing the rooms with new paint. Consider creating an accent wall or using a pattern to create visual interest. Here are a few ideas to get the creativity flowing:

  • Create contrast with darker paint on one wall of the room
  • Create a contemporary pattern of lines using painter’s tape
  • Use wall stencils for more abstract and detailed patterns
  • Take a sponge and gently dab the freshly painted wall for texture
Custom finishing Calgary
Custom finishing Calgary

Change the hardware on cabinets, drawers, and doors

They say it’s all in the details! You’d be surprised at how a simple change of hardware on your cabinets, drawers, and doors can freshen up a room.

  • For a contemporary look: Choose a simple and sleek design made of polished or brushed nickel or brass
  • For contrast: Pair bold black against light-coloured cabinets, drawers, and doors
  • For a hint of luxury: Choose gold accents, marble, agate, or alabaster knobs and handles
  • To create visual interest: Consider knobs and handles of different shapes like triangles, hexes, or half moons

Install a custom range hood

When it comes kitchen range hoods, many homeowners think that they’re limited to what’s available at big box home improvement stores. However, custom finishings in Calgary include designing and installing a range hood that matches your home’s interior. Installing a beautiful, handcrafted custom range hood can transform your kitchen space for a seamless look.

Custom decorative wall panels

Custom wall panels have made a comeback in contemporary and trendy homes. This classic house feature adds a touch of elegance and detailing to any room. Here are a few ways you can add decorative wall molding to transform your home:

  • Create a herringbone accent wall in a bedroom where the bed is situated against
  • Add classic, simple lines to the dining room for a touch of detailing
  • Choose birch or oak wood panelling for contrast and warmth.