Tips to consider for your custom kitchen renovation

Published: November 10th, 2020

Investing in a custom kitchen renovation is an incredibly exciting time for many homeowners. The kitchen is the heart of the home and essential for many everyday tasks. From cooking to storing, to eating, to cleaning, to entertaining, your kitchen needs to be equipped to serve a multitude of purposes, efficiently. If you are in the planning stages of your kitchen renovation then you are working on developing a thoughtful design that is considerate of your family’s needs and we can help! We have been performing custom kitchen renovations in Calgary for a long time and can provide advice on how to design the most efficient (and stunning) kitchen that serves all of your needs. Enjoy our industry tips on things to consider for custom kitchen renovation!

Custom Kitchen Renovation
Custom Kitchen Renovation

Start big 

The first piece of advice we would like to provide is to begin your planning with the “big ideas”. What size island does your family need? What purpose does it need to serve? How much storage do you need? What kind of appliances would you ideally like to install? There is a multitude of questions that should be asked and answered about the functionality of your kitchen prior to starting the design process. 

When consulting with an interior designer you will be able to explain some of your big ideas and have them work the design around those non-negotiables if you have them prepared ahead of time. Knowing and communicating the goal/objective early in the process of working together can help clarify decisions later on in the process. Weigh in on ideas such as: do you want to update to a more modern look? Increase the home value in general? Or sell immediately upon completing the renovation?

Be creative

When embarking on a custom kitchen renovation in Calgary, there are a few creative storage ideas we can employ to save you space and time. Some ideas that we suggest to our clients include: incorporating a shelving system or cupboard near or next to the stove; you can store spices, seasoning and oil in this storage compartment for easy access instead of having them on the counter. You could also consider installing hidden compartments in your storage for larger appliances such as a mixer or blender that you use frequently but don’t want to be stored on your countertops. Have you always dreamed of double ovens or stovetop with additional burners? Let’s do it! We want to make your dreams come true in your custom kitchen. We put a lot of thought and research into helping you truly find the perfect design for your kitchen because we want to help you achieve your goals. 

Let’s find a focal point

In most kitchens, artistic expression is not typically displayed through art but instead through fixtures and/or your backsplash. Together we can find a focal point for your kitchen. Some of our clients love a custom-designed wood or metal hood fan as their focal point, others opt for a stunning artisanal tile backsplash. Whatever you envision, we can make it happen. Let’s talk about it today. 

At Custom Edge we specialize in custom kitchens in Calgary. Our team is made up of highly qualified and skilled industry professionals who are happy to help you along every step of the renovation. Contact us today for more information about custom kitchen renovations in Calgary.